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Scheduled Maintenance


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Subaru Maintenance & Requirements 

At Buddy's Mobile Mechanics Buddy does the services, repairs and maintenance your vehicle needs. We will perform all recomended services while your car is under warranty or not. We always strive to provide professional service to you and your vehicle.

Most jobs take 2 hours or less, so you can set up an appointment and wait at a specific day and time or you can drop the car off the night before, or that morning and we’ll call you when it‘s done. We have envelopes in a mailbox by the door to fill out and a slot that customers can drop their envelopes and keys through by the front door after hours. Not everything needs an appointment. You can stop by to have the code read and learn why your check engine light is on. There are questions that might only require a phone conversation for the answer to your concern or a quick stop by the shop to diagnose a noise or leak.

Although we only work on Subarus there are some jobs we do not do. For example: We do not do muffler, exhaust work, air conditioning, alignments or body work (replacing bumpers, fenders or getting out dents, buckles, etc.) Although, we can recommend the appropriate place, and people to do the work you need. We feel the people we recommend will do a good job in the areas we don’t repair.